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Parenting Time: Quality or Quantity

Some of you may have read a recent article,  “What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside).” 

This week, a new study is out about the association between parenting time and how children turn out. Bottom line: Go have some fun with your friends, Moms. The kids will be just fine and may even be better off if you take better care of yourself. Just make sure the time you spend with your kids does count.

Read the article here:

“Making time for kids? Study says quality trumps quantity.”

Parents of 12 Year Olds: Do You Feel Like You Have a Toddler Again?

As a parent of a just-turned twelve-year-old son, an article in New York Magazine’s Science of Us section caught my attention. “Age Twelve is Like a Second Toddlerhood”  describes how this beginning stage of adolescence is a time of huge developmental changes, much like the terrible twos with some hormones thrown in! It’s a thought provoking article  worth the read.

Being 12

The article was inspired by a new series on New York City’s Public Radio Station called, “Being Twelve: The Year Everything Changes. That website has many great articles on being twelve ranging from teaching middle school to peer pressure.

Parents and teachers: what are your thoughts on being twelve? Is being 12 in Union County different than being 12 in New York City? Post here or join the conversation on Facebook. 

Website Logo/Header Contest Coming Soon

We have a new name, now we need a new look! Keep your eye out on this website (, our Facebook page ( or Twitter (@ProtectUCPS) for our upcschool clipartoming logo/ banner contest. Any Union County resident enrolled in grades 6-12 will be eligible to enter. Students will be asked to submit a digital logo/header for Union County Homeroom. The winner will receive a $25 Target Gift Card and bragging rights. Please share this page to help get the word out! Details will be published some time next week.